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This is our way, if you can't agree with our methods, we won't agree with yours.

P&S functions on a few simple principles that have given us a long-lasting tradition across several games:

1. Drama is worthless and intolerable for any reason, be an adult about things.

2. We progress dynamically in every game based on what we are able to do and do not mass recruit to race to the finish.

3. If you can't find a personality mesh with us then don't bother, most of us have known eachother for a min of 4 years.

4. Noob is a disease that is only tolerable when you're trying hard to cure it.

We have all seen endgame in many games at many stages. Historically across other games; one-grouping raid mobs, undermanning progression zones and duoing epic quest progressions are a normal day's operation for us. Currently in ToR we are leveling and settling into classes that suit us. A quality person does not have to be a hardcore player to become one of us. We welcome anyone with skill and a will that thinks like we do.

All of us look at things sideways and solve problems as they get in our way. We are 9 strong in ToR as of 2/11/12 and this website is fresh and new. We are going to start looking to the ToR community for members as of today to augment the 5 of us that came over from EQ2. Prove yourself to be one of us and guild promotions are possible.

We play almost any of the 24hrs of the day. Peak is usually after 9pm eastern.

Like what you've read, agree with our operating statements? Send an in-game mail or whisper to Agony or Ragefiend or apply on the site.
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Tutorial Over

Ragefiend, Feb 10, 12 3:11 PM.
Grats to 4 of our members on lvl 50.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DathRagefiend, Jan 28, 12 6:04 AM.
Current on heroic world boss codex entries up to Taris. Exception being Tatooine because it's always down when we check.
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